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    Dramatic finish: Beppo Harrach wins for a 0.9 of the second

    What a dramatic finish for 2016 edition of Rally Santa Domenica. After Peter Ranga (Škoda Fabia R5) led from the second stage on, he lost his victory on the last stage. For the fourth successive year Beppo Harrach and his co-driver Dominik Jahn won the rally. Their winning marging was just 0.9 of the second....
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    Five questions: The father of Rally Santa Domenica

    Rally Santa Domenica will today start with the official ceremonial start in the Sveta Nedelja center. On the entry list there are 113 teams. Among them are one WRC car, 5 cars in R5 category and 11 cars in Group N. Beppo Harrach will have the privilege to open the first of five special stages...
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    Husqvarna Rider Challenge: Race before the race!

    Husqvarna Rider Challenge is promotional race, it will be held before ceremonial start on 26th of November at 17:20h on main square in Sveta Nedelja – Trg Ante Starčevića. Most attractive drivers of 7. Rally Show SANTA DOMENICA will drive short slalom race....
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    Long trip to Santa Domenica show for a Swedish gravel master!

    He will have to do an almost 3000 kilometer trip to Rally Santa Domenica. We kindly welcome Mattias Ledin, one of the fastest Swedish drivers in R2 class. Sweden is one of the homelands of rallying. The Scandinavians have a half of century tradition in timed competitions on closed gravel roads and they also traditionally...
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    Šebalj: I want to have fun and gravel is the best surface for that!

    Croatian rally champion Juraj Šebalj says he doesn’t feel any pressure at Rally Show Santa Domenica, but he would still like to win the Group N and have as much fun as he can. Gravel roads are the best opportunity for that, he claims. Juraj Šebalj was this year once again the most successful Croatian...
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    Comeback for Tomaž Kaučič and Matjaž Korošak with Volkswagen Amarok V8!

    Former Slovenian rally champions Tomaž Kaučič and Matjaž Korošak are returning to active rallying for at least one event. At Rally Show Santa Domenica, they will drive a Volkswagen Amarok V8 prepared for endurance rally raids. This will be a big comeback for former Slovenian rally champions. Tomaž Kaučič was almost for a decade one...
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    RSSD promo shirts and winter hats!

    Attention all the fans of Rally Show Santa Domenica – we have one more interesting new feature. During the official ceremonial start 26. November, Ante Starčević Square in Sveta Nedelja and during the rally event in Savršćak on 27. November, you will be able to buy new Rally Show Santa Domenica T-shirts, winter hats and...
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    Gravel rally show also with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC!

    We can confirm that the most competitive car at Rally Show Santa Domenica will be a Ford Fiesta RS WRC. Winning car of 2016 Austrian Rally Championship will be driven by Gerald Rigler. After winning the Herbst Rallye in Austria, this will be his second outing with this great piece of rally machinery from M-Sport....
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    Gravel debut for Rok Turk with Ford Fiesta R5!

    We have great news for all Slovenian rally fans that are planning to visit Rally Show Santa Domenica 2016. Rok Turk, one of the fastest rally drivers in Slovenia, will drive a Ford Fiesta R5. This will be his gravel debut with a R5 car. This will be the final event for Rok Turk in...
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    Debut for Audi at Rally Show Santa Domenica

    Audi is one of the most mythical car brands in world of rallying. They invented the 4WD drive and produced some of the most attractive rally cars in history. Thanks for German driver Reinhard Reichel, Audi will for the first time compete also at Rally Santa Domenica. Audi was the pioneer of 4WD drive in...
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    Welcome Peter Ranga, welcome Škoda Fabia R5!

    Hungarian rally driver Peter Ranga with Škoda Fabia R5 will be one of the highlights of 2016 edition of Rally Show Santa Domenica in Croatia. Entry list for Rally Show Santa Domenica is each day getting more interesting and competitive. One of the last new drivers on preliminary entry list is Peter Ranga from Hungary....
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    Tim Novak wants to show some proper sideways gravel action

    One of the most promising Slovenian rally drivers says he can’t wait to get back to the gravel roads and experience some proper sideways driving. Tim Novak is one of the youngest and most perspective rally drivers from Slovenia. At his age of 22, he had already gained many international experiences. Last year, he made...
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    YouTube star attacks fourth Rally Show Santa Domenica victory!

    Can he make it four in a row? Even though he is not competing regularly anymore, Austrian driver and Drift Company team owner Beppo Harrach will once again drive at Rally Show Santa Domenica. Gravel master who lives near Vienna will definitely set the bench mark also on our seventh show. He has a long...
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    World Rally Champion, welcome to Rally Show Santa Domenica!

    Also this year, Rally Show Santa Domenica will welcome at least one high profile rally name. Austrian rally driver Andreas Aigner, former world champion in class PWRC, will come to this special and attractive gravel rally with his rear wheel drive BMW 650i rally car. Its V8 engine promises a great sound backstage for the...
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    Exceed Your Vision – Epson

    Just as motto says, Epson Europe exceeds its own vision with work. To end users and to general society as well, it represents strong commitment and promise that their expectations shall always be met and even outmatched. Epson cares for society by distributing their own innovative and revolutionary products, understanding and following the end user...
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    Petrol is new partner of Rally Show Santa Domenica!

    Petrol Hrvatska trades oil, oil products, but also offers everything that drivers need for safe and comfortable trip. Their managment pronouncedly cares about human, environment and improves the quality of life in the operating comunities. Petrol Hrvatska d.o.o. is active involved in projects of social significance and financially supportes them. B...
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    Rally Show Santa Domenica next to Advent in Zagreb

    Rally Show Santa Domenica has became one of the most important tourist attractions in Croatia. Rally spectacle is now part of wisely chosen and respectable club, next to the Advent in Zagreb – Europa’s most beautiful advent in 2015., Chocholate festival, Dubrovnik winter fair and Christmas lipizzaners ball. Rally Show Santa Domenica is ...
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    Beppo Harrach – three times RSSD winner

    Winner of the first ever held RSSD event in 2010. which was driven in true snowy conditions was multiple Croatian rally champion, Juraj Šebalj in his Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX. Winner of our rally in 2011. and 2012. was local driver Ivan Goran Čibej driving his Subaru Impreza STI and rented Škoda Octavia WRC. It...
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    Why is gravel important to us?

    Gravel is the main surface on rallies across the globe. Traditionaly, only few rallies for world championship were held on tarmac surface. Gravel therefore provides the true basic of every rally. Our show in Sveta Nedelja and Savrščak near Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, is defined a true gravel rally show. This surface shows the...
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    Promotion time!

    Did you ever go to a rally and meet there a fanatic, cheerful, happy and loud group of people? All dressed in at least something colourful orange. If you are a true fan of rallying, you perhaps already know who we are. Yes, we are the always motivated group of rally fans from Auto Kart...


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