This is Rally Show Santa Domenica, an epic and wonderful piece of our hearts, this is More Than Rally Love


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    RSSD & Tokić

    We are proud to introduce you a new RSSD sponsor  – Tokić. Tokić is today an importer and distributor for more than 230 world manufacturers of car parts, scooters, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. The company operates in more than 100 locations, in branches throughout Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering over 200,000 items (body parts,...
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    RSSD interactive map!

    Only a few more days left before the official start of the 9th Rally Show Santa Domenica in rubrics Competitors and Spectators we released the interactive map. All the key points of the Santa Domenica Rally Show are highlighted at it, including the Orešje Lake, where Shakedown will be held. We are confident that this map...
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    RSSD & Valvoline

    We are proud to present yet another sponsor of the RSSD, the Val-Int company which has been representing and distributing Valvoline motor oils and lubricants in Croatia for 27 years. Valvoline is a leading “lubricant” brand in the quality of products and services and has been operating for more than 150 years. Valvoline products are...
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    Entry list – 9RSSD2018!

    Any favourites yet? The long-waited Entry list is finally here! We introduce you crews that will perform at the 9th Rally Show in Santa Domenica. Access to the Entry list is possible via the following link:
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    RSSD & Petrol

    Successful Petrol sponsorship continues for the third year in a row! We are proud to continue our cooperation with – Petrol Croatia for the third consecutive year. The company was founded in 1996, trades with petrol, petrol products, and other commodities. Initially, the company was a wholesaler, and since 1999 has been developing its own...
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    Towing services

    Undoubtedly️ it is pleasure to mention and thank people of good will who are traditional with us. They are always there when a competitors problem appears, of course, we are talking about towing services.  Ivan Mesec–Mlakar Viličari, Dražen Draško Dumić -Vučna služba Draško and Stjepan Vitko thank you for your support and unconditional help. ...
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    Loris Rosati & Ape Proto!

    Attractive 3-wheel Ape proto and spectacular Loris Rosati again in Croatia. One of the most attractive guests at 9th Rally Show Santa Domenica will once again be Italian driver Loris Rosati with his legendary Ape proto. Loris Rosati is a true racing artist. He mastered driving technique till perfection and is today one of the...
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    RSSD Merchandise 2018

    Even this year besides the adventures of the Rally Show Santa Domenica, bring home an original souvenir! For all fans of the Rally Show Santa Domenica we have a special offer of RSSD branded items! RSSD merchandise will be available for purchase on Saturday, 24th of November during the ceremonial start at Ante Starčević Square...
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    Husqvarna & RSSD are #CreatingTrails!

    We are proud to present you a truly traditional RSSD sponsor – Husqvarna! With over 325 years of innovation and passion, Husqvarna provides professionals with forest, park and garden products. High performance meet usability and safety, making you ready to get the job done efficiently. Husqvarna offers a wide and growing range of products and...
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    RSSD & Kaspar Papir

    We are proud to introduce you the general sponsor of the 9th Rally Show Santa Domenica – Kaspar Papir! Kaspar Papir is one of the major player in the global dye sublimation paper arena, with branches located in Asia, USA and Europe. Their focus is following trends, innovation and offering unseen products and solutions for...
“Well, it's a good rally, it's right dimension of budget and having fun. Santa Domenica gravel is the best you can have in rally so this is what we are searching for all over central Europe! "

Beppo Harrach

Four times RSSD Winner
“Tarmac is like sailing in the swimming pool. But gravel is more like sailing on open sea in a heavy storm and strong wind."

Juraj Šebalj

First RSSD Winner

Ivan Goran Čibej

Two times RSSD Winner
“It's simply a freedom. Gravel is where everything is happening."

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