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  • in News, Novosti

    RSSD – A mecca for competitors, media representatives and rally fans

    RSSD is one of the most popular rally show events in central Europe – its gravel stages attracting large numbers on the entry list as well as large numbers out spectating on the stages. Since 2010, RSSD has become a mecca for competitors, media representatives, and rally fans around Europe – many traveling huge distances...
  • in News, Novosti

    9th RSSD 2018. – The Dates Are Set!

    A dear rally, mud, and gravel lovers! Warmer days are coming and everybody is thinking about vacation, summer… But not worthy RSSD team members. Our vacation (if there ever was one) is finished. Preparations for the 9.RSSD have begun, and we can prove that with this promo teaser. In it, there is a collection of...
  • in Novosti

    Press attention

    We present you only a small portion of abstracts from different Croatian as well as the foreign press. big thanks to all media; written, television, radio, e-media for being there with us all of this years. We are thankful because the number of media is bigger and bigger year after year and their support gives...
  • in News, Novosti

    Another RSSD delight!

    Despite everything looking great few days prior to the RSSD, the weather turned out bad. Preparations for the 8th RSSD were going smoothly untill the last moment. The first day, Friday 24th of November was reserved for the official #RSSD party, on which, competitors their team members, visitors and organizers have relaxed and had a...
  • in News, Novosti

    Big victory for Peter Ranga and Tamás Szöke on 8th Rally Show Santa Domenica!

    After he lost his victory at Rally Santa Domenica on the last stage of last year event, Peter Ranga (Škoda Fabia R5) this year secured his victory with the fastest time on three of four special stages. Rally Santa Domenica once again attracted a massive rally community near Sveta Nedelja and Savršćak. 121 competition crews...
  • in News, Novosti

    Interview with Peter Ranga and Andreas Aigner

    Peter Ranga „I liked the event and the stage very much. It is very enjoyable track and I like the gravel much more than tarmac. Last year we fight with Beppo Harrach and we lost the victory on the last stage for just 0,9 of a second. It was my first time driving on this...
  • in News, Novosti

    RSSD interactive maps are published!

    Little less than 48 hours before the official start of the 8th Rally Show Santa Domenica in rubrics Competitors and Spectators we released interactive maps that will be useful to all of our spectators, media representatives and contestants. They show all important points of the Santa Domenica Rally Show, including the Orešje Lake, where Shakedown w...
  • in News, Novosti

    Great news: Andreas Aigner will start RSSD with Škoda Fabia R5!

    Austrian driver Andreas Aigner will return to Rally Santa Domenica, but with a much more competitive Škoda Fabia R5. Aigner is one of the fastest and established rally drivers in Austria and the wider region. Former world rally champion (PWRC) has a lot of experience with different cars. Last year he made his first appearance...
  • in News, Novosti

    Work on the special stage route is in full swing!

    There are only 6 days left until 8th Rally Show Santa Domenica, which means that the time for serious work on the special stage route has come. Most of our attention and time we have dedicated to safety, guided by the idea that only safe rally is a good rally. Today busy RSSD team has...
  • in News, Novosti

    Mitropa Cup winner and Croatian champion with an R5 car

    Are you ready for upcoming RSSD? Almost 100 crews are already on the preliminary entry list for this years edition. A new name on the list is also Mitropa Cup winner and newly-crowned Croatian champion Krisztián Hideg. Hungarian driver and his CO-driver István Kerék  (both Croatian licence holders-AC Delta Sport) are well known to rally...
“Well, it's a good rally, it's right dimension of budget and having fun. Santa Domenica gravel is the best you can have in rally so this is what we are searching for all over central Europe! "

Beppo Harrach

Four times RSSD Winner
“Tarmac is like sailing in the swimming pool. But gravel is more like sailing on open sea in a heavy storm and strong wind."

Juraj Šebalj

First RSSD Winner

Ivan Goran Čibej

Two times RSSD Winner
“It's simply a freedom. Gravel is where everything is happening."

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