This is Rally Show Santa Domenica, an epic and wonderful piece of our hearts, this is More Than Rally Love


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    10. RSSD 2019. promo letak za natjecatelje

    🇭🇷 Kliknite na fotke 👇 kako biste pogledali ⭐ 10. RSSD 2019. promo letak za natjecatelje, očekujemo vas. 🇬🇧 Click on the photos 👇 to see ⭐ 10th RSSD 2019 promo flyer for competitors, we are waiting for you. 🇭🇺 Kattintson a lenti fotókra 👇, hogy megtekinthesse a ⭐ 10. RSSD 2019 promóciós szórólapokat a versenyzők számára, várjuk Önt. 🇦🇹🇩🇪 Klick auf ...
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    10th RSSD 2019: Facts & Figures!

    10th Rally Show Santa Domenica powered by Kaspar Papir | 22-24 November 2019 The biggest gravel rally show in Central Europe. The Special Stages will be run on gravely&muddy roads of West-Croatia, Sveta Nedelja and Savršćak. 90 crews from all over Europe and 10 000 rally tourists from more than 15 different countries are expected...
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    9th RSSD 2018 winners: Simon Wagner&Gerald Winter onboard!

    Take a ride with 🇦🇹Simon Wagner&🇦🇹Gerald Winter at the SS2 and enjoy pure gravely #R5 drive! 2 fastest times out of 4 special stages led to 18,4′ overall win of 9th RSSD 2018. 🔝1️⃣🏁 Wagner Motorsport | Eurosol Racing Team Hungary    ...
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    10th Jubilee RSSD 2019 – The Dates Are Set!

    Traditionally book your last weekend in November for the RSSD – this year 22-24 November. For the tenth year in a row in Sveta Nedelja and Savršćak, we will gather top names from the Croatian, European and worldwide rallying. Moreover, our enthusiasm through these 10 years isn’t getting any lower, it gets bigger every year....
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    RSSD | Reserved only for men? Pfff …

    RSSD | Reserved only for men? Pfff … Not to be forgotten. Back in 1888, it was precisely a women who was the first person to drive a motorized vehicle. Happy Women’s Day to all the incredible women! Shine on…. Not just today but every day!...
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    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas & Happy New 2019 Year!

    The RSSD team wishes you a wonderful Christmas and Happy New 2019 Year! Thank you all for the passion you’ve shown during the 9 RSSD years. — ???☃️??? Sretan Božić i sretna nova godina | Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein gutes neues Jahr | Kellemes karácsonyt és boldog új évet | Vesel božič in srečno novo leto...
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    9th Rally Show Santa Domenica 2018 review

    At Savršćak gravel pits in the near Samobor on four special stages, and in the competition of 107 registered crews, the fastest were the Austrians Simon Wagner and Gerald Winter in Škoda Fabia R5. Their spectacular driveways on wet macadam did not make the impression that they were on gravel and RSSD for the first...
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    Only a safe rally is a good rally!

    Clerk of the course announcement! Dear and appreciated rally fans, The rally is definitely the queen of autosport, and certainly the toughest, most demanding, complex and most dangerous autosport discipline. Rally is a great sport, but it can easily become dangerous because accidents are unpredictable. With all its attractiveness and beauty, it can...
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    RSSD &!

    More good news for the RSSD competitors! Three best-placed crews in – Junior Trophy, Lada Trophy, Veteran Trophy, Sprint and Pro Sport classes will be awarded with gift package. Three best-placed codrivers in CO–Driver Ladies Trophy will be awarded with RSSD gift package....
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    RSSD & Milwaukee tools!

    Great news for the competitors, the top three placed crews in the overall standings of 9RSSD2018 will be awarded with Milwaukee-TiD-extra d.o.o. worthy prizes. TiD-extra d.o.o. is the general distributor of the leading manufacturer of the professional Milwaukee Tools for Heavy and Craft industry. With more than 500 different models of battery and p...
“Well, it's a good rally, it's right dimension of budget and having fun. Santa Domenica gravel is the best you can have in rally so this is what we are searching for all over central Europe! "

Beppo Harrach

Four times RSSD Winner
“Tarmac is like sailing in the swimming pool. But gravel is more like sailing on open sea in a heavy storm and strong wind."

Juraj Šebalj

First RSSD Winner

Ivan Goran Čibej

Two times RSSD Winner
“It's simply a freedom. Gravel is where everything is happening."

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